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The fitness and S&C world will never again be the same. There's no doubt that you have felt the stress, pressure and worry of this shift...but THIS is your moment! It's time to tear up the excuses and 
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Our entire industry has been sidelined by this unprecedented pandemic. Everything you thought you knew about your career was suddenly pulled from under your feet.

But your story is still being written. What will your COVID-19 chapter say? Success is created in a moment. A moment where you have the opportunity to make a single decision that will set the rest of your life in action.

I want to drive you to that moment and give you real strategies that the "new you" will be able to use to write your next chapter. 

This free event is a gift from me to you in hopes to help you perform at your best when the odds are stacked against you.

See you soon!

Meet Your Host and guest speakers
Sean light | ceo 4a Health
Sean Light is the CEO of 4A Health and former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2017, Light started 4A and has grown it into a global company that works with hundreds of health and fitness professionals from six different continents. Since the start of the COVID quarantine, 4A has multiplied its revenue over 20x. Learn directly from Sean how you can have the same success.
borbála surányi | Restore revive 360
Borbála Surányi is a manual therapist and certified fitness trainer in Texas. Surányi moved to the United States from Hungary in 2011 where she has opened three successful business, earned her Masters and completed over 700 hours of continuing education. She specializes in Postural Restoration and Somatic Experiencing while emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. 
adam ross | A.R. Nutrition
Adam Ross is a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist and founder of A.R. Nutrition. Ross is also the campus dietitian at St. John's University in Queens, N.Y. Adam works directly with Division-1 athletes and general population individuals to improve their health, energy and vitality through nutrition. 
Jack anderson | Upper left performance
Jack Anderson is a performance coach with experience working in the NFL, NBA, NHL, the US Army and the NCAA. He is currently working at P3 in Santa Barbara and owns Upper Left Performance where he hosts a podcast of the same name and has consulted for several schools and professional teams on the importance load management. Jack’s book, Quadrant Training illustrates the importance of developing the whole athlete, the consolidation of stressors and environmental considerations to drive higher performance.
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During Your Free Training, You'll Discover...
Secret #1
How the BEST IN THE WORLD are dominating the virtual training space and how you can too!
Secret #2
TWO ground-breaking training models that you can instantly apply during both virtual and live training sessions!
Secret #3
Learn the difference between what is expected of you and what sells so you can start being PAID what you're worth!


  • 7 DAYS OF LIVE TRAINING: Beginning September 7th, 2:00pm EST (Same Time Daily) with Sean Light and other guest speakers that will reveal next level tactics that will help you breakthrough to the next level and rise above the COVID pandemic.
  • CEU/CEC CREDITS: All NASM and NSCA certified professionals will receive continuing education credits for the week (must attend each session).
  • ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: The Step-Up Challenge has an exclusive Facebook community just for those ready to STEP UP!
  • WIN AMAZING PRIZES: Each day during the challenge, you will be entered to win prizes including FREE tickets to virtual and live seminars, 4A scholarships and more.


Accept the Challenge

Save your spot at The Step Up Challenge which will go live every day starting September 7 through September 13 and will run from 2:00pm EST - 3:00pm EST. As you prepare for the event, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish. Whatever you goal, by the end of the week you will be bursting with tools that will propel you to success in your next chapter.


Join the Facebook Group

The power of the team is ALWAYS greater than the power of the individual. Take advantage of your very own mastermind group to prepare for the week, build your network and energy and keep in touch long after the week has ended. You will also be able to keep up with the announcements throughout the week and ask any questions you may have. 


Take Ownership of Your Career

Every great success story starts with a leader who takes ownership of their career. In that moment of decision, your life will never be the same. DECIDE to be one of those people who actually pull it off. Your can either be an example of what is possible or a warning of what could happen. Success is created in a moment of decision. 

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